I am a manager

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As a manager your role in the review process is important and limited. It starts with supporting the review process and encouraging your team to participate.

Together with the moderator, you fill the review matrix in which you decide which document types to review and which roles must or should participate in the review. Decide on the time lines and the moment on which a review should be started. The moderator will put these agreements into the review plan.


  • Show your interest by asking your team about their idea of the review process.
  • Discuss the quality of products with the moderator.
  • Explicitly mention review activities in the planning.
  • Understand the ROI calculation of the review process.
  • Communicate improvements achieved by the review process.
  • Evaluate the review process with the moderator.


  • Ask for an overview of (non-)reviewers.
  • Force people to review.
  • Functionally judge people based on their participation.