I am a moderator

Your role as a moderator is vital for the success of the review process. Without you, the reviews will not last for long. You facilitate, administrate, inspire, trigger, report, assist, chase and remind in order to get the reviews going. Your top priority is to get the quality of the documents as high as possible.

Treat your reviewers as volunteers who can not be forced but only stimulated to give their best!


  • Thank reviewers and authors for their efforts, always be polite.
  • Explain the need for a structured process. And explain again. And again. Know your ROI calculation to be able to explain it.
  • Be very critical on quality. Protect your reviewers by performing a critical intake, protect your authors by carefully checking the comments of the reviewers.
  • Be consise. Your administration must be perfect to create a reliable, structured and precise reviewing environment.
  • Be flexible. The amount of flexibility depends on the situation, the planning, the person and, mainly, the quality aspects. At least be aware of the amount of your flexibility.
  • Inspire and trigger. Ask questions to check the reviewer’s’capacities, suggest to look at a document from some other perspective (related to the reviewer’s role).
  • Check with non-responders what their reason is for not responding. Help them if possible to improve their participation.

… and dont´s

  • Judge people on the quantity of their comments.
  • Force reviewers to hand in comments. Nobody is helped by a false sense of security if ‘fake reviews’ are handed in.
  • Report on people. The review process is meant to provide quality, not for functional judgement of individuals.