Faq / What to look for in functional designs

As a tester you can be asked to review a design. Probably you will need this design to create your test cases, so it should be fit for that purpose. Maybe you are already known with the subject, so maybe you can also check if the design correctly fits in the current environment. Lastly, you need to understand the design without having to make any assumptions.

Relation to the document

RR_1stReceipientAfter your review

You must feel confident to announce that “I can use this design to create my test cases without having to make any assumptions”

Review suggestions

  • The design must be unambiguously clear. Look for
    • a description of the goal of the design;
    • vague words;
    • incomplete lists;
    • missing boundary values;
    • incomplete or incorrect definitions;
    • examples, charts, pictures;
    • consistency with other designs.
  • The design must be correct and complete, at least to your knowledge of the current system.
  • The design must contain enough details to create your (logical) test cases.
    • all IF…ELSE constructions must be complete;
    • all functional paths should lead somewhere;
    • alternatives must be described
  • The design must be traceable to requirements

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