Faq / What to look for in functional designs

As a Development representative you can be asked to review Functional designs. Probably you can review these on understandability and connectivity with current functionality.

Relation to the document

RR_2ndReceipientAfter your review

You must feel confident to announce that “I understand the functionality and I can use this design to perform my development activities without having to make any assumptions.”

Review suggestions

  • The design must be unambiguously clear. Look for
    • a description of the goal of the design;
    • vague words;
    • incomplete lists;
    • missing boundary values;
    • incomplete or incorrect definitions;
    • examples, charts, pictures;
    • consistency with existing functionality.
  • The design must be correct and complete, at least to your knowledge of the current system.
  • The design must contain enough details to perform your development activities.
  • The design must have a clear relation to technical documentation (if any).

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