Faq / What to look for in requirements

As a Test representative you can be asked to review requirements. Probably you can review these on testability, but also you are thé quality minded reviewer, so look for ambiguities, SMART requirements and missing requirement types.

Relation to the document

RR_1stReceipientAfter your review

You must feel confident to announce that “These requirements are complete, SMART, unambiguous and I can define my (risk based) test strategy on it.

Review suggestions

  • All requirements (functional and non-functional) are described.
  • (Non-)Functional requirements are traceable to business requirements.
  • Each requirement is specific (what/why/who/where/which? etc.)
  • Each requirement is measurable (how much/how many/how is determined if the requirement is met?)
  • Each requirement is attainable and realistic (how can it be accomplished?)
  • Each requirement is relevant (MoSCoW; right time/right efforts/correct stakeholders involved?)
  • The requirement are time-bound (when is it needed/what sequentiality applies? etc.)
  • Each requirement has a relation with a stake holder.
  • There are no ambiguities in the requirements.
  • Requirements are traceable and are uniquely numbered/marked.

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