Faq / What to look for in test cases

As a designer you can be asked to review testcases. From your role you should be able to review the test cases for coverage, completeness and correctness. Look at the test cases on a same level as your design is made. The developers will look into the detailed step descriptions, other testers/test managers will look at the test technique, so stick to your role as much as possible.

Relation to the document

RR_2stSenderAfter your review

You must feel confident to announce that “These test cases are functionally correct and cover my design at least for the most important (risky) parts.”

Review suggestions

  • The test cases are presented in a structured way so I can easily check the coverage.
  • Only baselined documentation / correct versions are used to create these test cases.
  • Identified risks are covered.
  • There are also “rainy day” scenarios created to test unexpected or unwished scenario’s.
  • There are no useless or invalid test cases.

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