Faq / What to look for in test cases

As a tester you can be asked to review test cases. Except for a peer-review situation, most likely these test cases will be created for an other test level then yours. For example you might receive Integration Test test cases if you’re a System Tester.

Be sure to stick to your role; coverage and correctness will primarily be reviewed by a designer!

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RR_HorizontalAfter your review

You must feel confident to announce that “These test cases complement my test cases and do not overlap or leave a gap with my test cases.”

Review suggestions

  • It is clear to me how these test cases where created. (Test technique)
  • The test cases do belong to the test level they are created for.
  • The test plan is followed.
  • Input, output, interfaces and screens are tested on the correct way for the test level at hand.
  • The test cases complement my test cases.
  • The way the test cases are described makes them transmissible to an other tester for execution.
  • Execution steps contain an actor and an action. (e.g. “The user presses the red button.“)
  • Expected results describe a verifiable result. (e.g. “The output file on location A contains parameter ABC with value XYZ.“)

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