A matter of perspective

When reviewing, everyone is asked to judge the document under review from his own perspective. More eyes can spot more errors, inconsistencies and omissions. I’ve gathered some video’s from YouTube, illustrating the need for multiple roles, but also illustrating the limits that exist because of your role and focus.

Based on this illustration, some lessons can be learned.
– More roles involved means more focus, which might lead to logging more issues.
– More than two reviewers per role will, in most cases, not lead to logging more issues.
– Everyone has it’s own focus, based on role, experience, knowledge etc. One reviewer will not, and does not have to, find all issues.

First, check out this movie until 0:55 and see how many changes you can spot. Note them down. Then, gather some colleagues and divide the attention. (Back wall, left wall, floor, people in the back, attributes on the table) How many changes did you spot now? Watch the rest of the movie to see what you’ve missed!

How many passes does the team in white make?
This video also illustrates that your role, your experience, your focus can affect your reviewing capabilities.