Wikipedia – Sinterklaas

Hi <name>,

It is my current impression,
Reading the comments there are,
There’s no need for a session,
On <author> his BR.

So please take your time,
Use your human cognition,
Let me know in a rhyme,
If you’d approve the revision.

I’d like to receive your reaction,
Before the 9th of next week,
Reply on this mail,
So I don’t have to seek.

Enjoy coming weekend,
And let me be clear,
It’s all ’bout the contents,
I’ll see you next year.

Sinterklaas and ReviewPiet

And this are some of the reactions:
As I still not know enough
Judging this revision is tough
Therefore I will let this through
And reply this poem to you
Heb het commentaar gezien
Met een reject die ik niet verdien
Toch maar de auteur gespaard,
Het punt is geen verdere discussie waard.
Verder ben ik meer een man van peace
Zodat ik deze versie release.
I went through my comments,
And the reactions too,
If you ask me for approval, then I say,
I do, I do, I do
Dear Piet, Approved
There is not much that I can say
I had no comments anyway

Looking at the comments in the sheet
And the responses of <author>
The updates done can be agreed
So the BR will be planned soon.

Summary of this epistle :
For as far as I’m concerned
You can blow the whistle
The approval of the BR is earned.